The Studio

We are a boutique digital studio focusing on distinct client projects all led by principal and product designer Artur Maklyarevsky. Artur is a native New Yorker and a graduate of ITP.

We carry a light staff, there is no B team, and there is no overhead.
Instead, we are a tight-knit network of domain experts. Artur creates bespoke teams purpose-built for the client and project at hand, pulling together the industry’s best designers, researchers, and developers.

We work a bit like the internet itself: distributed resources, carefully selected, that come together to solve important problems. We tackle only three or four carefully selected design projects every year, chosen for their potential to advance the current art of the industry or to otherwise do good in the world.

We seek long-term relationships with clients that we feel will have longevity and impact. Having built a few successful startups ourselves, we understand the intricacies of ‘lean’ methodologies and use this experience to shepherd our clients past branding, product-market-fit and throughout all their growth life-cycles.

Originally headquartered in NYC, we currently maintain offices in Buenos Aires to produce our work with real-time EST/PST collaboration at affordable near-shore rates.

Peep our A-Team.